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About us

About us

We are here to help YOU

We specialize in international voice and SMS networks while utilizing the latest technologies for your needs.


Who we are

TITAN INTERNATIONAL WHOLESALE, INC. is a privately held telecommunications company headquartered in New York with a global footprint. We are an aggregator of voice and SMS transit for our key partners and we are here to help with your traffic and termination needs.

Our history

Since our inception in 2005, we have terminated billions of wholesale minutes and SMS messages on behalf of our carrier interconnects. We have always looked to target one thing: making our customers happy. So our history says trust, reliability, transparency and friendship.


What we do

With our global IP footprint, many of the world's largest telecommunications carriers deliver their international voice and SMS traffic to us as we provide them with a fair cost and high quality termination services in strategic and hard to reach destinations across the globe. We work in all areas of the globe with a focus on Africa, Middle East and South America. We always believed in focus: better to offer our clients a limited number of services but to excel at all of them.


Titan provides voice and SMS A-Z coverage with refined routes and active terminations all around the globe.


International Voice

Our team has been in voice well before our company started, giving us the experience, know-how and understanding of our customer's needs that will put a smile on everyone's face.


International SMS

Our project expanded in 2019 when we started offering our customers our SMS service, in addition to Voice. SMS is a growing business and we just had to be there. We now deliver a full communication service.


24/7 Customer Support

We know how important support is. We are here available ALL the time for you. Communications is a critical service for our customers and we are here to excel in it. After all, this is what trust means.


Fraud Detection

We all know fraud is a part of telecoms. And with our automated systems, developed in-house, we provide the protection each customer needs. For a detailed solution description, let's talk!


State of the art Network

No system is perfect. Or is it? By combining market available solutions and in-house development, we have the perfect balance. This allows us to help our customers in every way possible.


THE Team

Software is nothing without the right people. We have the most diverse and awesome team: US, Romania, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia, Armenia, Venezuela, India, Pakistan, Guatemala.

Trusted by our partners:

In addition to deploying our own direct routes worldwide, Titan International Wholesale, Inc. also leverages its extensive network of in-country partners to build the foreign portion of our network. We are always looking for in-country partners as well as carriers to build out our ever expanding network. Please contact us to explore business opportunities.

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